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Hello! I'm Blair. I mainly blog about Les Miserables, NIght Vale, and Pacific Rim.

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when they were teen babies


when they were teen babies

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When I find myself in times of trouble Peggy Carter comes to me, speaking words of wisdom ‘punch sexist assholes in the face’

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by sam wilson (and sometimes natasha)

LISTEN | download: part one part two (includes 8 additional tracks)
eras: 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000-2009 | 2010 - current

♬ trouble man | marvin gaye
♬ ohio | crosby, stills, nash, & young
♬ pusherman | curtis mayfield
♬ move on up | curtis mayfield
♬ give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker) | parliament
♬ brass in pocket | the pretenders
♬ crazy on you | heart
♬ mercy mercy me | marvin gaye
♬ my sweet lord | george harrison
♬ go your own way | fleetwood mac
♬ free bird | lynyrd skynyrd
♬ don’t stop till you get enough | michael jackson
♬ dancing queen | abba
♬ heart of gold | neil young
♬ heroes | david bowie
♬ killing me softly with his song | roberta flack
♬ i feel love | donna summer
♬ higher ground | stevie wonder
♬ jolene | dolly parton
♬ if you want blood (you’ve got it) | ac/dc
♬ kashmir | led zeppelin
♬ layla | derek and the dominos
♬ ca plane pour moi | plastic bertrand
♬ pump it up | elvis costello
♬ life during wartime | talking heads
♬ london calling | the clash
♬ more than a feeling | boston
♬ my sharona | the knack
♬ one nation under a groove | funkadelic
♬ le freak | chic
♬ heart of glass | blondie
♬ rock lobster | the b-52’s
♬ papa was a rolling stone | the temptations
♬ pink moon | nick drake
♬ stir it up | bob marley
♬ psycho killer | talking heads
♬ paranoid | black sabbath
♬ shaft | issac hayes
♬ sheena is a punk rocker | the ramones
♬ superstition | stevie wonder
♬ thunder road | bruce springsteen
♬ tiny dancer | elton john
♬ use me | bill withers
♬ we are family | sister sledge
♬ perfect day | lou reed
♬ wish you were here | pink floyd
♬ sultans of swing | the dire straits
♬ (don’t fear) the reaper | blue oyster cult
♬ 20th century boy | t. rex
♬ ain’t no sunshine | bill withers
♬ all the young dudes | mott the hopple
♬ american pie | don mclean
♬ new york groove | kiss
♬ boys are back in town | thin lizzy
♬ bohemian rhapsody | queen
♬ what’s going on | marvin gaye
♬ no woman no cry | bob marley
♬ i will survive | gloria gaynor
♬ baba o’riley | the who
♬ imagine | john lennon
♬ born to run | bruce springsteen
♬ rapper’s delight | the sugarhill gang
♬ video killed the radio star | the buggles
♬ you’ve got a friend | carole king
♬ america | simon and garfunkel

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if i was trapped inside a room filled with explosives and the only way out was to eat a whole tomato i would die

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you’re my mission

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As soon as I finished watching Winter Soldier I was mentally screaming “I NEED TO DRAW HIS ROBO ARM COVERED IN GRAFFITI INSTEAD OF TATTOOS” and so here is Punk!Winter Soldier, who also has some Steve/WWII inspired tattoos on his other arm… either Hydra got lazy and didn’t have them removed, or this is a post-movie Bucky, who is slowly adding more tattoos as he begins to remember more and excuse me I need a minute. Also is that a target on the assassins back or Caps Shield??? Either way, man.

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so my animation professor has worked on all of the major disney movies like lion king, little mermaid, aladdin, beauty and the beast etc.

and he was talking about the issues a lot of disney stories have and how the writers kinda just shrugged about them and hoped people wouldnt notice and PEOPLE DID


like he said one time when they were doing a panel a little girl asked why ariel couldn’t just WRITE ERIC A LETTER TELLING HIM IT WAS HER WHO SAVED HIM B/C SHE SIGNED URSULA’S CONTRACT WHICH MEANS SHE COULD WRITE and all of the animators n writers just skipped over her question

and another time they were questioned about princess and the frog and how charlotte coulda just helped tiana with her restaurant b/c she’s rich and they’re friends so yanno

but the writers just sorta laughed nervously

these stories make me laugh b/c so many people try and say dont pay attention to the issues some disney movies have b/c they’re for little kids and little kids can’t think critically > v >

  ahh yes good times

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"hey steve, did you see the funny thing? steve? steve?"